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Site: Dearborn Educational Curriculum
Course: Dearborn Educational Curriculum (DEC)
Glossary: Social Studies Standards


Interwar Period – analyze the transformations that shaped world societies between World War I and World War II, including the economic depression, and the spread of fascism, communism, and nationalism in different world regions.


World War II – analyze the causes, course, characteristics, and consequences of World War II, including the emergence the United States and Soviet Union as global superpowers.


Cold War Conflicts – analyze the causes and consequences of major Cold War conflicts, including the global reconfigurations and restructuring of political and economic relationships in the post-World War II era.


Revolution, Decolonization, and Democratization – evaluate the causes and consequences of revolutionary and independence movements in different world regions.


Case Studies of Genocide – analyze the development, enactment, and consequences of, as well as the international community's responses to, the Holocaust (or Shoah), Armenian Genocide, and at least one other genocide.


Emerging Global System – differentiate between the global systems of trade, migration, and political power from those in the previous era.


Diffusion of World Religions – evaluate the impact of the diffusion of world religions and belief systems on social, political, cultural, and economic systems.