Clearly state an issue as a question of public policy in contemporary or historical context, or as a contemporary/historical comparison. Trace the origins of an issue, analyze and synthesize various perspectives, and generate and evaluate alternative resolutions. Deeply examine policy issues in group discussions and debates to make reasoned and informed decisions. Write persuasive/argumentative essays expressing and justifying decisions on public policy issues. Plan and conduct activities intended to advance views on matters of public policy, report the results, and evaluate effectiveness:

  • identify public policy issues related to global topics and issues studied.
  • clearly state the issue as a question of public policy orally or in written form.
  • use inquiry methods to acquire content knowledge and appropriate data about the issue.
  • identify the causes and consequences and analyze the impact, both positive and negative.
  • share and discuss findings of research and issue analysis in group discussions and debates.
  • compose a persuasive essay justifying the position with a reasoned argument.
  • develop an action plan to address or inform others about the issue at the different scales. 

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