Arts Standards

Here are the VPAA Standards. These include Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts

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Demonstrate the ability to make a movement sequence using the elements, time, space, and force.


Identify and use those parts of the video camera to be used to record movement.


With musical accompaniment, demonstrate the ability to make a dance sentence that has beginning, middle, and end in personal and general spaces using axial and locomotor movements.


Identify a movement concept and create a dance study.


Explore, improvise, discover, and invent movement to solve movement problems.


Demonstrate the ability to design a movement sequence using factors of the elements of time, space, and force.


Students will be introduced to the use of a camera to record movement and given an explanation of the use of tracking.


Create a sequence with a beginning, middle, and end, both with and without a rhythmic accompaniment. Identify each of these parts of the sequence.


Improvise, create, and perform dances based on their own ideas and concepts from other sources.


Use improvisation to discover, invent, and solve movement problems.

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