Arts Standards

Here are the VPAA Standards. These include Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts

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Respond to drum beat at a moderate, slow, and fast tempo while moving in general space.


Continue discovering range of movement of selected body parts. Introduce isolation of body parts. Introduce single focus.


Explore locomotor movements one can execute while holding one hand; two hands with a partner. Explore axial movements relating to partner.


Copy movements of a leader in pairs and small groups.


Demonstrate basic locomotor skills through moving forward, backward, and sideways in both straight and curved lines to varied tempos.


Explore using different parts of the body to execute the same non-locomotor/axial movements in personal space. Use directional changes: forward, backward, sideward, downward.


Demonstrate the ability to make shapes at low, middle, and high levels using selected locomotor and non-locomotor/axial movements.


Define and demonstrate an understanding of general space.


Respond in general space to tempo changes as dictated by a drum beat, changing direction as the tempo changes.


Isolate body parts. Continue working with single focus. Introduce multi-focus.

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