Arts Standards

Here are the VPAA Standards. These include Dance, Music, Theater and Visual Arts

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Explain how visual arts have inherent relationships to everyday life.


Identify various careers in the visual arts.


Understand and use comparative characteristics of the visual arts and other arts disciplines.


Synthesize connections between the visual arts and other disciplines in the curriculum.


Recognize and describe personal, family, and community connections with artworks at a developing level.


Recognize the skills used in visual arts careers at a developing level.


Compare the characteristics of work in two or more art forms that are dissimilar in subject matter, historical periods, or cultural context at a developing level.


Demonstrate an understanding of their place in the visual world and develop an appreciation of how they are part of a global society at a developing level.


Describe ways in which the principles and subject matter of other disciplines taught in school are interrelated with the visual arts at a developing level.


Recognize and describe, personal, family, and community connections with artworks at an emerging level.

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