Social Studies Standards

Michigan Social Studies Standards as of June 2019.

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Design and participate in community improvement projects that help or inform others.


Identify the opportunity cost involved in a consumer decision.


Describe how businesses in the local community meet economic wants of consumers.


Describe the natural, human, and capital resources needed for production of a good or service in the community.


Use examples to show that people cannot produce everything they want (specialization) and depend on trade with others to meet their wants (interdependence).


Utilize a decision-making process to analyze the benefits and costs of a personal decision.


Construct maps of the local community that contain symbols, labels, and legends denoting human and physical characteristics of place.


Use maps to describe the spatial organization of the local community by applying concepts including relative location, and using distance, direction, and scale.


Use maps to describe the location of the local community within the state of Michigan in relation to other significant places in the state.


Compare the physical and human characteristics of the local community with those of another community.

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