Social Studies Standards

Michigan Social Studies Standards as of June 2019.

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Describe some of the current movements of goods, people, jobs, or information to, from, or within Michigan and explain reasons for the movements.


Use data and current information about the Anishinaabek and other Indigenous Peoples living in Michigan today to describe the cultural aspects of modern life.


Describe how people are a part of, adapt to, use, and modify the physical environment of Michigan.


Locate natural resources in Michigan and explain the consequences of their use.


Identify questions historians ask in examining the past in Michigan.


Create a timeline to sequence and describe major eras and events in early Michigan history.


Explain how historians use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about the past.


Describe the casual relationships between three events in Michigan's past.


Draw upon traditional stories and/or teachings of Indigenous Peoples who lived and continue to live in Michigan in order to better understand their beliefs and histories.


Use informational text and visual data to compare how Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous Peoples in the early history of Michigan interacted with, adapted to, used, and/or modified their environments.

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