Social Studies Standards

Michigan Social Studies Standards as of June 2019.

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Use a variety of sources to describe interactions that occurred between Indigenous Peoples and the first European explorers and settlers in Michigan.


Use a variety of primary and secondary sources to construct a historical narrative about daily life in the early settlements of Michigan (pre-statehood).


Use case studies or stories to describe how the ideas or actions of individuals affected the history of Michigan (pre-statehood).


Describe how Michigan attained statehood.


Identify public issues in Michigan that influence the daily lives of its citizens.


Use graphic data and other sources to analyze information about a public issue in Michigan and evaluate alternative resolutions.


Give examples of how conflicts over Democratic Values lead people to differ on resolutions to a public policy issue in Michigan.


Compose a paragraph expressing a position on a public policy issue in Michigan and justify the position with a reasoned argument.


Develop and implement an action plan and know how, when, and where to address or inform others about a public issue.


Participate in projects to help or inform others.

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