Social Studies Standards

Michigan Social Studies Standards as of June 2019.

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Analyze sovereignty of tribal governments in interactions with U.S. governments, including treaty formation, implementation, and enforcement between federal, state, and local governments and tribal governments.


Evaluate the major sources of revenue and expenditures for state, local, and tribal governments.


Describe and evaluate referendums, initiatives, and recall as mechanisms used to influence state and local government. Use a case study to examine the impact of one such listed mechanism.


Describe and analyze how groups and individuals influence public policy.


Describe the evolution of political parties and their contemporary influence on public policy.


Explain the concept of public opinion, factors that shape it, and contrasting views on the role it should and does play in public policy.


Explain the significance of campaigns and elections in American politics, currect criticisms of campaigns, and proposals for their reform.


Identify and discuss roles of non-governmental organizations in American civic society.


Explain functions and possible influence of various news and other media sources in political communication.


Analyze the credibility and validity of various forms of political communication.

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