Social Studies Standards

Michigan Social Studies Standards as of June 2019.

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Identify questions political scientists ask in examining the United States.


Describe the purposes of government as identified in the Preamble of the Constitution.


Explain how the principles of popular sovereignty, rule of law, checks and balances, separation of powers, and individual rights serve to limit the powers of the federal government as reflected in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Describe how rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, and Democratic Values are involved in everyday situations.


Give examples of ways the Constitution limits the powers of the federal government.


Give examples of powers exercised by the federal government, tribal governments and state governments.


Describe the organizational structure of the federal government in the United States (legislative, executive, and judicial branches).


Describe how the powers of the federal government are separated among the branches.


Give examples of how the system of checks and balances limits the power of the federal government.


Describe how the President, members of the Congress, Supreme Court Justices are elected or appointed.

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